Lubelskie Voivodeship announces Competition For the architectural concept of the "Theatre in construction" in Lublin together with planning concept for the adjacent "Theatre Square".

The competition concept will have to include finishing of the building and space adjacent to it. The construction of the building started in 1974 but was never brought to an end. Currently the finished part of it comprises a small musical theatre and philharmonic, the remaining unfinished part was initially intended to be a big concert hall.
The building, once finished, and external space should form together an architectural and planning entity. The entire project is centrally located near the complex of universities.

After modifications and completion the building will become one of the biggest cultural centers of this kind in Poland and will host also a "Meeting of Cultures" - an institution which aims to exchange cultural experiences with artists and culture animators from countries east of Poland. It is envisaged that the building after modifications and finishing will provide an universal and open space and become a venue for miscellaneous artistic events.

Total awards amount to 360 000 PLN (about 120 000 USD at current exchange rate). The Organizer is also planning to commission full multidisciplinary design.

Building works will be co-financed by EU.

Lublin is one of the main cities in the eastern Poland, with a population of about 400 000 and a home to a number of universities with 70 000 students. Due to its location near to the border with Ukraine and Belarus used to be called "Gate to the East". The city is currently competing to become in 2016 the European Capital of Culture.

Hereafter there is information about the Competition, terms of the Competition and a film about Lublin, the region in English and the building "Theatre in construction".

All Competition's documentation in polish language are available under the following web address: The competition procedure shall be conducted in the Polish language.

Design Brief for Rules of Competition

Design Brief for Theatre in Construction Internal Planning and Space Requirements

Design Brief for Theatre Square

Presentation - english version